Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We're Back!

I'd like to be able to part the curtain with a big "I'M BACK!"  But Joey's here now.  For good apparently.  So.  We're back.
And can I say, against popular belief I don't mind the Joe Bo.  In fact, I often remind Mom to bring him places.  Not that she forgets him... I just like to be Mom's Helper.  I check up on things just like her.  I change diapers and give baths and get that little one to bed on time.  *sigh* Being two sure is harder than being one.  I tell ya.
In recent news, it's almost Christmas.  (Which I pronounce Crimbus.)  The tree is up and every morning the first thing I do is run out to the tree and wait for mom and the baby to catch up.  Mom plugs it in and every morning without fail I am left speechless.  After a few moments of revered silence I say, "Awesome."  And we move into the kitchen for breakfast.  My days are really centered around Christmas right now. I like to look at the tree.  Point at the ornaments.  Have mom pick me up to see the ones on top.  I draw Christmas pictures.  We listen to Christmas songs. We eat Christmas cookies.  Or regular cookies.  It doesn't matter to me.
My favorite game to play that doesn't involve trucks, trains, or tractors.... I like to specify because trucks, trains, and tractors are my all time favorite... But I'm branching out.  So, my favorite non-truck game is "Pretend to Be Asleep."  It's real easy.  I pretend to be asleep.  Mom covers me up.  I snore.  She tickles me.  I wake up.  And we laugh and laugh and laugh.  What a game.  Oh.  Joey is there too.

The little rascal is growing on me.

I'm asleep.
Joey is learning from The Master
Wake Up!

Santa Beard!  Christmas in the tub!  The Best Ever!

Elf Hair.  Mom is really good at making anything Christmas-y.

This is just me.  Stuffing my face.

Cool hair.

A Koley-sized Christmas tree.
Could life GET any better?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Couple Vids

My Trip To Idaho Falls

A couple weeks ago Mumsie and Popsicle took me to my old stomping ground up in Idaho Falls.  I got to see Grandma Gingew.  Pampaw George was out of town.  We stayed at Pop Pop and Bam Bam's.  I'm slowly picking names for all my nearest and dearest.
The weather was perfect for yours truly.  We spent lots of time outside.  Which is MY FAVORITE!